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Leaf Pattern

Patterned Sheets  

NEW! Softest Patterns on the Market!

Designer Printed sheets – 6-piece set, available in single print cases.

  • Double brushed - extremely soft

  • Beautiful high-end designs - Will transform the bedroom.

  • Revolutionary Disperse printing- guaranteed to never fade and color doesn't affect the softness.

  • 6 piece set, - includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 2 pillow cases, 2 pillow shams  

  • extra deep pockets - Will fit any mattress even with a topper up to 17”.

  • Extra corner elastic, - guaranteed never to slip off the mattress 

  • 6 different designs - to accommodate everyone

Items will be slightly limited if you order only one set as we cannot order them by the solid case. There may or may not be a waiting list for one specific color depending on demand. Our cases will come in Quantity of 12 and 2 of each pattern per box and pricing will be better when bought by the case



Guaranteed never to slip off your mattress 

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