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Breakfast Cupcake

Eric Gambitt

Just received my weighted blanket this week, and I love it!

It is so comfortable and warm, that just a sheet and this blanket is all you need.

Even my fitbit shows I sleep longer in the deeper sleep stages while using this blanket. 

Blighty Girl

So soft, I mean SO SOFT. We never use the sheet and only use the mattress sheet but since getting this one we now do. We are converted and will need to continue buying these in the future. Who knew that 1800ct sheets were so amazing!!!

If you haven’t bought these sheets yet... you need to!! They are amazingly comfy! They don’t wrinkle or get fuzz balls on them. Worth every penny.

Bobbie-Jo Henderson

I have to share this with you. I picked up my cooling pillow  and  for the past 3 nights I slept through the night, and for the first time in  years I didn't wake up tired.  I didn't wake up with a headaches, or a sore neck. I haven't woken up with a head full of sweat, because the pillow kicks in when I start to heat up.   

I have to say I am so impressed with these cooling pillows. I'm so happy I got them. I put it off for years thinking a pillow is just a pillow. Well, I can say for sure these are like no other.  Thank you!

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