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We make things easy for you!

Step 1- Activate... 

Connect with us to activate your business, online party or fundraiser. We will connect you to a mentor in your area,  and send you everything you need: order forms, sales material. There are no start up costs.

Step 2- Distribute & Sell...

Distribute your order forms to your participants (sellers) and run your program(fundraiser, direct sales, online party) for 2-3 weeks. Orders can be placed via the paper order form or our online order form via team code. (click here)(coming soon)

Step 3- Collect & Close...

Collect all paper order forms, cash, and cheques, and submit forms to your mentor or to us for processing on the order dates that we specify (top right). We do all the data entry, picking and packing for you. 

Step 4- Receive Delivery...

We will work closely with you to confirm a shipping date , and total.  Costs are tax and delivery included, so you will never pay more then the price you see listed. 

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Warranty covers 90 days

  • Defects on the fabric includes pulls, tears, abnormal pilling

  • Loose threads

  • Broken elastic on the fitted sheets

  • Oil stains or color blotches on fabric

  • Broken zippers on mattress covers

  • Loose stuffing of pillows and comforters

  • Shedding of blankets

  • Missing buttons on Duvet covers



Not covered

All warranties contained herein shall not apply if the product has been stained, burned, moisture saturated. Clara Clark CANADA reserves the right to refuse repair or replacement of any product deemed to be in an unsanitary condition. E.G -nail polish, secretions, large amounts of pet hair etc. This warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of the product within 90 days.

Sizing  Chart

1500TC/ 1800TC Sheets —  
King Size 4pc Set - Flat Sheet 105"x102", Fitted Sheet 80"x78", 2 Pillowcases 20"x40"—  
Queen Size 4pc Set - Flat Sheet 102"x90", Fitted Sheet 80"x60", 2 Pillowcases 20"x30"—  
Full Size 4pc Set - Flat Sheet 96"x81", Fitted Sheet 54"x75", 2 Pillowcases 20"x30"—  
Twin Size 3pc Set - Flat Sheet 96"x66", Fitted Sheet 75"x39", 1 Pillowcase 20"x30"—
Fits up to a 16” Mattress  

1800TC Duvet Covers—  

King-size 3pc set: duvet cover 104"x90" (264x228cm), 2 pillow shams 20"x36" (51x91cm) with approximately 1;5" (4cm) flange and button closure—  
Queen/Full -size 3pc set: duvet cover 90"x90" (228x228cm), 2 pillow shams 20"x26" (51x66cm) with approximately 1;5" (4cm) flange and button closure  

Comforter/Duvet Alternatives —  

King size 102" x 88" inches.—  
Full/Queen size 88" x 88" inches.—  
Twin/Twin XL size 68" x 88" inches.

New Patterned and Textured Coverlets


Twin/Twin XL

1 Sham: 20x26+2"(1)

1 Coverlet: 68x90"


1 Coverlet: 90"W x 90"L

2 Standard Shams: 20"W x 26"L (2)


King/Cal King

1 Coverlet: 104"W x 94"L

2 King Shams: 20"W x 36"L (2)

New Patterned and Textured Comforters


Twin/Twin XL

1 Comforter: 66x90"

1 Standard Sham: 20x26+2"


1 Comforter: 90"W x 90"L

2 Shams: 20"W x 26"L + 2"D (2)


King/Cal King

1 Comforter: 102x90"

2 King Shams: 20x36+2" (2)

Flannel Sheets 100% Cotton


1 Flat Sheet: 66"W x 96"L

1 Fitted Sheet: 39"W x 75"L + 12"D

1 Standard Pillowcase: 20"W x 30"L

depth 12 inches

Twin XL 

1 Flat Sheet: 66"W x 102"L

1 Fitted Sheet: 39"W x 80"L + 12"D

1 Standard Pillowcase: 20"W x 30"L

depth 12 inches


1 Flat Sheet: 81"W x 96"L

1 Fitted Sheet: 54"W x 75"L + 12"D

2 Standard Pillowcases: 20"W x 30"L(2)

depth 12 inches


1 Flat Sheet: 90"W x 102"L

1 Fitted Sheet: 60"W x 80"L + 14"D

2 Standard Pillowcases: 20"W x 30"L(2)

depth 14 inches



1 Flat Sheet: 108"W x 102"L

1 Fitted Sheet: 78"W x 80"L + 14"D

2 King Pillowcases: 20"W x 40"L(2)

depth 14 inches

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