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About Us

Softest Bedding on the Market


Pssst, wanna know our secret?

It’s in how we weave and double brush our yarns.

You will not find us in large department stores because our price and quality cannot be beat!

Our bedding is made of a combination of the finest brushed micro-linen fibers. Our patented technology means there really isn’t any other product on the market like ours.  Others have tried to copy us, but our customers feel the difference. Our threads are finer than the most delicate silk. In fact, they are one hundred times finer than a human hair. 

Not only are our 1500 tc and 1800 tc sheets the softest on the market, but we are best priced, high quality item on the market today. Our extra fine, brushed threads, dry fast, do not wrinkle or pill, and are super durable so you can sleep in luxury for years to come. 


Customers who buy our Clara Clark bedding always come back for more once they feel the difference because our customers rave about our products!

Our products are 100% guaranteed against any manufacturing defects, so Indulge yourself today!

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