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Wooden Desk

Happy Holiday Throws NEW!

SUPER SOFT & COZY MATERIAL : These Holiday throws are made of premium fleece, which is an ultra soft and cozy ,breathable, fluffy and comfy fabric. The lightweight throw blanket will keep you comfortable and warm all chilly season! without excessive weight like other fabrics. 

Oversized Throws 80"x60"!   Also,The Metal Grey has a slight blue tone and is medium grey in colour.

Stock will replenish periodically as items get low

NOTE: Metal Grey has a tint of blue to it

80x60 Snowflake Throws 

Navy 8
Metal Grey 22
Chocolate 15
Charcoal Grey 19
Black 4
Burgundy 4

Towels and soap on hanger

Bathroom Towels

Luxury Towel sets – 100% cotton, 600-900 GSM  -

Colors available: Black, Cream, Pebble Gray, Light Blue, Eggplant, Burgundy, White,

Set Comes with 6 Face cloths, 2 Hair Towels, 2 Body Towels. 

Face Towel - 12 x 12 inches

Hand/Hair Towel - 16 x 28 inches

Bath/Body Towel - 27 x 54 inches

Black and Pebble Grey out of stock. That is why they are not posted

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